FinTech: Opportunities & Challenges

31 October 2018, Gulf Hotel


The Forum’s agenda consists of high-level keynote speakers and a number of panel sessions as follows:

  • Session 1: The Relationship Between Banks & Fintech
  • Session 2: Fostering a Better Fintech Echo System
  • Session 3: Addressing the Human Capital Gap
  • Session 4: Legal and Regulatory Considerations

The relationship between banks and fintechs

The session will explore the evolving relationship between banks and fintechs. More specifically it will look at existing and potential opportunities for collaboration and investment in line with fast changing customer needs and demands in the digital age. It will also assess the various models, modes and benefits of collaboration between fintechs and the banking sector.

Fostering a better fintech ecosystem

The session will focus on identifying and discussing ways in which banks and other financial institutions, government and semi-government bodies and third party service providers can contribute to fostering a better fintech ecosystem. Panelists will share recommendations and ideas on methods and approaches for enabling growth and development. Examples of successful fintech ecosystems will also be discussed alongside their distinguishing characteristics for success.

Addressing the human capital gap

The session will explore the growth and increasing prominence of fintech and its implications on human capital development across the banking industry. It will further look at current and expected gaps in the market, highlighting key areas and skillsets required to drive fintech innovation and relevant strategies for effective training, development and talent acquisition.

Legal and regulatory considerations

The session will consider the important role that legal and regulatory bodies must play in creating an environment where fintech can continue to grow and gain acceptance. It will also examine the preparedness of existing legal and regulatory infrastructure and mechanisms and the changes required to keep pace with the evolution of the industry and ensure consumer protection.

Outcomes and findings

For each session, outcomes and findings will be summarized and announced by the end of the Forum. This document will be followed up by bab’s management on a regular basis and actions Are to be evaluated by related bab committees. Results, follow ups and updates will be the basis of a future forum.

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